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About Mini Aussies

Mini Aussies developed around 1968 from the Standard Australian Shepherd. Over time of breeding small sized standards, the mini was developed. A Standard size for a Mini Aussie is 13-17 inches tall at the shoulder. They can range from 15-35 pounds. They are an energetic dog and do require some daily activity. They are fast learners and do great as inside or outside dogs. Although little, they still have a strong herding instinct. They are great family pets and great with kids. They love to play and run around. They can be very protective of family and home. It’s important to socialize these dogs as puppies to other dogs and people.

They have a longer coat and require daily brushing during shedding season. Out of shedding season the coat is long and healthy and will not require much attention. The life expectancy is that of the standard, 11-13 years. The mini aussie along with many of the herding breeds (collies ect.) of dogs can carry a genetic mutation called MDR1. It is a gene that 49% of mini aussies MAY carry. It makes their body resistant to certain drugs. If they get these drugs in their system, it can make the dog very sick or even be fatal. You may test your mini to see if they even carry the gene or simply make your vet aware of MRD1, and stay away from those drugs (this is the option MD-Mini Aussies prefers). This link will provide the drugs that can affect mini aussies. For more information and testing, browse the site for more information


To visit other information and  health problems of this breed visit: http://www.ashgi.org/articles/health_surveys_dirty_doz.htm


Our aussiedoodles are a result of very selective and diligent breeding. A mix between a poodle and a mini aussie, these dogs are extremely smart and a great family dog. We expect our puppies to get be 25- 35 lbs and around 17 inches tall. Both have distinct jobs. The aussie coming from the herding category and the poodle coming from the non sporting group. They will still be fairly active dogs requiring moderate activity and room to run. Socialization is always important as both of these breeds can be very protective of their family. They can also be VERY social dogs. It all depends on how they are raised around people and other dogs from day one. They can live both in and outdoors. The hair coat will most likely be a combination of the aussie and the poodle however some puppies may tent to look more like one breed that the other. They will have long wavy coats. While the poodles do need hair cuts regularly, you do not want to shave the coat of an aussie since they are double coated dogs. We recommend taking your aussiedoodle to the groomer as they will require a regular groom much like the poodle. The benefit of this cross is that they “should” shed less than the aussie. I can not advertise them as non shedding but they really do shed very little. 

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